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Under Ohio Real Estate Law, it is illegal for any non-licensee to receive anything of value from any licensee for referring business. Licensed real estate agents are prohibited, by law, from giving anything of value to anyone who is not licensed for referring business to them.

Agents who have returned their license to the State of Ohio may not receive anything of value from any licensee for referral business.

You can overcome this by keeping your license active with John F Niebel Realty. Company policy states that you cannot act as either a buyers or sellers agent. You must refer any and all business to the company. The company will then refer the listing or buyer to the agent that will best do the job for our customer.  If requested, we can refer to an agent of your choice. There are no meetings, no floor time, no board dues, nothing to do but sit back and make referrals for business and get paid handsomely for it. We will collect the highest referral fee possible then we will split with you (our agent). We will pay 50% of the commission to you for the referral.

WHAT DOES IT COST? You will pay an annual "holding fee" of $75.00. You will be responsible to maintain your annual dues with the State of Ohio, and keep your continuing education up to date every three years. If you are interested in placing your license with John F Niebel Realty call at 330-494-4422 today.

Contact John at 330-806-2124 for additional information and to transfer your license.